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  • How does telehealth psychotherapy work?
    Telehealth psychotherapy involves conducting therapy sessions remotely using video conferencing technology, and phone calls, allowing individuals to receive mental health support from the comfort of their own homes.
  • What are the benefits of receiving mental health therapy through telehealth?
    The benefits of receiving mental health therapy through telehealth include increased accessibility, convenience, and flexibility, as well as the ability to maintain therapy continuity regardless of geographical location or physical limitations.
  • How do I schedule an appointment for a telehealth session?
    To schedule an appointment for a telehealth session, simply contact our practice through phone, or email, and our team will assist you in finding a suitable time slot for your session.
  • What equipment or technology do I need for telehealth therapy?
    The basic equipment needed for telehealth therapy includes a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and microphone, as well as a stable internet or cellular connection. Additional software or applications may be required, but our team will guide you through the setup process.
  • Is telehealth psychotherapy as effective as in-person therapy?
    Research has shown that telehealth psychotherapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy, with many clients reporting high levels of satisfaction and positive therapeutic outcomes. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on individual circumstances and the therapeutic approach used.
  • How do you ensure the privacy and confidentiality of telehealth sessions?
    We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality during telehealth sessions. We use secure and encrypted video conferencing platforms to ensure that your sessions remain private, and our therapists adhere to HIPAA compliance, as well as maintain the strictest ethical guidelines and confidentiality.
  • What types of mental health issues can be addressed through telehealth?
    Telehealth psychotherapy can address a wide range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship difficulties, trauma, grief, and more. Our therapists are experienced in providing support for various concerns.
  • How long are the telehealth therapy sessions?
    The duration of telehealth therapy sessions typically ranges from 45 to 60 minutes, although this may vary depending on individual treatment plans and preferences. Your therapist will work with you to determine the appropriate session length.
  • How do I pay for therapy services?
    We offer flexible payment options for telehealth psychotherapy services. Our practice accepts various forms of payment, such as credit/debit cards, online payment platforms, and health insurance, depending on your specific coverage.
  • What forms do I need to fill out before starting telehealth therapy sessions?
    Prior to starting telehealth therapy sessions, you will need to fill out initial intake forms, which include information about your personal and medical history, consent forms, and any necessary paperwork related to billing and insurance. Our team will provide you with these forms and guide you through the process.
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